Today you have a unique and only opportunity - to order, buy and taste the unique wine in the world.


To create Our Unique Wine, we decided to create clay amphoras from blue (!) clay.


As it turned out later, we, the first winemakers in the world, decided to create such amphorae.


Amphoras are created especially for us in a private pottery workshop, where 5 generations of craftsmen have been working.


This pottery workshop is located in a small Ukrainian village in the Poltava region, from where we specially brought these amphorae to our vineyard in Bordeaux.


To create our amphorae, the master potters used blue clay, from a local clay quarry, known for its healing properties, which people have used for several centuries to treat their health.

Unlike aging in oak barrels, clay amphoras, being as porous as oak, allow oxygen to pass through, softening the wine, but without the oak tannins that are present in oak and absent in clay.


On the contrary, we get a wine that is more mineral, soft and fruity.


For the time being, we supply this wine on pre-orders, as it is not yet as famous in the world as other wines, but our customers have already been able to taste it in France, America and Spain.