Your Smart Wine Investment

Your Wine Investment



Vineyard in Bordeaux, Château Le Grand Housteau, 28 hectares, gravel and clay soils, slopes between 20 and 100 metres above sea level.


We use six grape varieties:

- Cabernet Franc

- Cabernet Sauvignon 

- Merlot

- Semillon

- Sauvignon Blanc

- Colombard


Since 2020, we have completely changed our approach to wine and have decided to produce single-varietal wines, but without forgetting blending wines.

Instead of the usual three wines in a winery, we make 10.


How did we do it?


We decided to divide the plots into several parts and selected the most characteristic viticultural materials for each plot, which transformed into a wide variety of cuvée.


The choice proved to be the right one, as our first vintage won two medals in some international wine competitions in Germany: silver and gold.


Also, we specially ordered four clay amphorae, two of which, for the first time in the world, were made of blue clay, which allows us to say that we have a unique amphora wine.


We are carrying out all our work using Bio technology and this autumn, we plan to receive a certificate confirming this.

Today we have decided to continue working in this direction.


In order to modernise our equipment and work more delicately with the grapes, we have chosen to attract additional funds.

We are willing to accept investments of between 1100 and 3300 euros with a return on bottles of wine